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bition Hall.On display are cutting-edge products ranging from fuel cell cars to hybrid vehi▓cles, to gadgets featurin

g new energy-saving te

chnol▓ogies.The Chinese leaders took the opportunity to talk with some

of the inventors, and find out about their▓ innovation experience.New inventions could be the answer, as China seeks to put saving energy and reducing emis▓sions at the core of growth.President Hu calls for sc▓ientific innovationChinese President Hu Jintao has called on the nation's top scientists and engineers to pres▓s ahead with innovative development of science and technology to drive economic and social progress. He wants more res▓earch to improve the country's ability to forecast disasters and carry out effective relief.They are the scientific engine of the nation's modernization drive.The nation's most prestigious scientists a

nd engineers have gat▓hered for the biennial conf

erence of the Chinese Acad

s▓, said Liu.With their respective advantages in

emy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. And this special event is also joined by China's top lea

ders. President Hu Jin

tao addressed the opening ▓session on behalf of the Central government.He reviewed the two Academies' crucial role in the opening-up and modernization drive, and their contribution to relief work after the Sichuan earthquake.President Hu Jintao said, "Sin▓ce China's reform and opening up

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began 30 years ago, China h▓as been a leader among developing countries in the overall development of science and technology. In some fields▓ it has reached top world-class levels. The developmen▓t of science and technology has provided a solid fou▓ndation for China's economic growth, social progress, improved living standards and national security. Thi

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s▓ is due to support from the Party and the government, and▓ the consistent efforts and hard work of all those who devote themselves to scientific and technological work. ▓"Hu Jintao said innovative development of science and tech▓nology is a top priority for the nation. He encouraged stron▓ger innovation in major projects to master core technology and

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increase the ownership of intellectual property rights. This will help build up more enterprises with high value-added products. The Chinese President said the development of science and technology should improve living standards benefit the general public. He urged r▓eform to enable the fruits of science and technology t

o be more efficiently transferred into product▓iv

e forces.Hu Jintao said pers

science and technology, China and South Africa should stre▓ng

onnel are the key resource for development.President Hu Jintao said, "The cultiva▓tion of outstanding personnel in science and technology is an urgent and strategic ta

sk. I hope members of the ▓two academies will give more importanc

e to cultivating talent, and play an active role in cultivating innovative talent in science and technology."Hu Jintao hoped academy members would offer more advice to policy makers to help resolve problems in China's social and economic de▓velopment. He urged the Party and the government to t▓ake this advice and push for a scientific and democratic▓ policy-making process.Hu Jintao noted the crucial t▓ask of improving the country's ability to monitor and deal with natural disasters. He urged scientists to work on theoretical studies of disasters and help create a complete system from monitoring to emergency relief. He pledged to include knowledge about disasters in educational programs, and expand international cooperation to combat natural disaste

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